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The scope of Synerject's 2 and 3 Wheeler segment includes the following vehicle applications:

  • 90 to 190cc motorcycle,
  • 90 to 190cc scooters
  • Auto Rickshaws
  • 50 to 70cc Mopeds
  • E-Scooter & E-Motorcycle >500w

Engines for these applications are typically single cylinder with either 2 stroke direct injection systems or 4 stroke port injection systems.

The customers served by this segment are motorcycle, scooter, auto rickshaw manufacturers as well as engine manufacturers producing engines for these applications.

2 and 3 wheeler customers have a wide range of product choices from Synerject:

  • Off the shelf Synerject and Continental automotive components and systems
  • Customized systems and components specially developed for 2 and 3 wheeler market
  • System Solutions: Entry level port injection system (M3A, M3L, M3B) and direct injection system (ASDI, LPDI)
  • Module Solutions: Air Modules (integrated Throttle Body and ECU) and Fuel Modules
  • Individual Components: ECUs, Throttle Bodies, Actuators and Sensors

The systems and components for this market have been designed to provide a basic engine management system to meet current and future legislative requirements in North America, Europe, China, India, Taiwan and Asian regions. System design considerations include minimizing system cost, while providing additional possibilities for 2 and 3 wheeler manufacturers to improve vehicle performance and functionality compared to carbureted vehicles.

System characteristics include:

  • small size, light weight, low power consumption
  • low cost without compromising the robustness of the products.
  • designed to withstand dusty environment, water splash and long usage hours.
  • Simple but effective diagnostic capability
  • Low investment on diagnostic tool for the customers