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Other Regulators

Other Regulators & Micra Dampers

Product Benefits

  • Plated low-carbon or stainless steel for various conditions
  • In-tank and external-to-tank mounting options
  • For return and returnless fuel systems
  • With and without vacuum reference barbs
  • Flow-through designs available

General description

Synerject is the sole and exclusive world-wide representative for Continental Corporation for the supply of pressure regulators and pulsation dampers to nonautomotive customers. Our pressure regulators and dampers come in a variety of package styles to meet our customers’ installation requirements. Synerject will
work with our customers to design a product that meet the requirements of the application, as opposed to requiring the use “off the shelf” configurations.

For fuel pressure regulation, our typical ranges are from 70 – 500 kPa. We have also developed and validated regulators to meet unique requirements outside of that range. For our air-assisted direct injection system, we have developed an air regulator that operates in a range of 550-650 kPa at a 1.5 scfm flow point.

Pulsation dampers can be useful on returnless fuel systems to minimize shot-toshot fueling variation sometimes seen with this fuel system architecture. Synerject can offer our customers system analysis support to determine the need for this type of product.