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FRA & Hose

Customized Fuel Rail and Hoses Assembly

General description

One of Synerject’s oldest competencies is in fuel rail design, validation, and manufacturing. We have been supplying fuel rail assemblies and hoses to the marine & recreation market for over 10 years. The fuel rail assembly is a critical part of the engine management system.

Along with fuel injectors, other components such as pressure regulators, pulsation dampers, sensors, and fuel hoses can be integrated into the fuel rail assembly. In addition, quick connect fittings, fuel filters, and special customer specific fittings are often designed into our products. A variety of rail materials
are used in production today, including extruded aluminum (machined and anodized), injection molded plastic, and brazed steel.

Synerject has a state-of-the-art fuel systems test facility for mechanical testing. As standard practice, we develop specifications along with our customer, and then validate the fuel rail assembly to those specifications. Once the product is launched, it is 100% leak tested before leaving the factory. Our team is capable of designing a solution for our customers’ applications.