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M3x 1/2 cyl DI 2S

System Benefits

  • Drastic reduction on HC and 25% lower fuel consumption on the base of classic 2 strokes engine
  • Shorter catalyst light off time leads to lower catalyst price
  • No need of specific development either on engine nor system side means reducing development risk and minimizing development investments
  • Optimized system price thanks to the reuse of existing automotive components

General description

This system is based on the Graz University Combustion Process and is applicable to 2 stroke engine applications for emission and fuel economy benefits. Synerject has a long collaboration history with Graz University and our components have been already validated and used in such specific environment and combustion system on both CVT and gear box applications.   On top of the system components, Synerject can offer a specific software which is able to control such system and can be embedded either in the M3A or M3C ECU.

Configurations & Options

  • The fuel is injected directly in the cylinder and in different timing in order to address homogeneus or stratified combustion modes depending on the result needed
  • For more details it is requested to contact directly the Graz University
** This system is under development