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Integral Mini Fuel Pressure Regulator

Product Benefits

  • Both in-tank or in-line application
  • Small size
  • E85 compatible

General description

  • The Integral Mini Regulator 2 (IMR2) can be used in both in-tank and external-to-tank mounting configurations. This is the 2nd generation of a long proven Continental regulator whose design has been improved and cost reduced at the same time.
  • This regulator is constructed of low carbon steel with corrosion resistant plating options to suit the customer’s application. It is available with or without an axial vacuum reference tube. It can be used with gasoline fuels, as well as with flex fuels such as E85.
  • Type of application: Moped, Scooter, motorcycle, Snowmobile, Personal Water Craft, Auto Rickshaw, ATV, Marine, Lawn Mower, Electric Power Generator

Configurations & Options

  • Calibration Pressure from 200 to 800 kPa
  • With or without air reference
  • Pocket assembly