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M3A module

Integrated engine control unit (ECU) single cylinder

Product Benefits

  • Engine control unit and throttle body with integrated throttle position sensor, temperature sensor, manifold pressure sensor and optional air bypass valve
  • High integration leads to:
    • reduced components
    • simplified mounting
    • reduced assembly operation
    • cost optimization
  • High flexibility:
    • different throttle body diameter for different engine displacement demands
    • Scalable microcontroller ease the introduction of new functions
  • Small size and robust design
  • Water proof automotive standard connector with snap-in and ‘clic’ feature

General description

  • The M3A Module has been dedicatedly designed for single cylinder 4 strokes small displacement engine applications from 50cc to 250cc.  The module consists of:
    • an ECU with its printed circuit board, plastic housing and 32 pins connector
    • an aluminum throttle body with a diameter choice of 16mm to 34mm and adjustable drum size, cable orientation and idle air flow
    • throttle position sensor, in take air temperature sensor, manifold pressure sensor
    • optional air bypass valve
  • The sensors are directly mounted on the printed circuit board of the ECU and assembled on the throttle body.
  • Application: Scooter and small motorcycle, moped, auto rickshaw, lawn mower, electric power generator