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1-wire Oxygen (O2) sensor

Product Benefits

  • Binary lambda sensor and planar sensor
  • Detachable cap and heatless structure lead to:
    • Reducing parts
    • Downsize of the sensor body
    • No electric power needed
    • High vibration resistance
    • Increase flexibility of lead wire arrangement
    • Lower costs

General description

  • It is a binary and planar sensor. This sensor is based on the same working principle of the other 4-wire O2 sensors in Synerject product range except a separate heating supply is not needed. With the adoption of ceramic sleeve as well as single and small protection tube design, the element temperature is kept on activation level by exhaust gas heat. Without the requirement of heater, only 1 lead wire is required by using the vehicle body as ground.
  • This sensor is suitable for single cylinder small displacement scooter and motorcycle. The sensor should be mounted upstream of the exhaust pipe.  
  • Type of application: Moped, Scooter, light motorcycle, Auto Rickshaw