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ABV Standalone

Standalone Air by pass valves

Product Benefits

  • PWM driven
  • Only one ECU output required
  • Linear flow up to 7000 rpm . Can be operated up to 7500 rpm and up to 700 hPa
  • Maximum static air flow 10.2 kg/hr
  • Suitable for engine displacement up to 150cc
  • Automotive standard connector

General description

  • The ABV is a solenoid operated valve that supplies increased airflow to the engine for cold start conditions by providing an air bypass path around the throttle blade. The ABV is also driven to control idle airf low. The ABV may be mounted to the throttle body itself or on the vehicle frame, depending on packaging requirements.
  • The ABV is controlled by the ECU and is operated once per engine cycle using phased pulse duration. The duration over which the ABV is actuated can vary from 720 degrees crank angle (i. e. continuously „open“) to 0 degrees crank angle (i. e. continuously „closed“).
  • This ABV is suitable for 4 strokes single cylinder moped, scooter, motorcycle and auto rickshaw to 150cc and lawn mower.

Configurations & Options

  • With or without rubber grommet
  • Orientation of rubber grommet