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Scooter OP

Scooter Electronic Oil Pump

Product Benefits

  • Aluminum or plastic housing
  • Several port geometry options
  • Oiling rate can be optimized for application specific needs
  • Solenoid actuated
  • Mounting location flexibility compared to mechanical pump

General description

Synerject has the capability to design, develop, validate, and manufacture electric oil pumps to meet our customers’ non-automotive product needs. For over a decade, Synerject has supplied electric oil pumps to some of the world’s leading manufacturers of two stroke outboard engines. More recently, new designs have been key to our snowmobile customer’s performance and marketing goals.

When actuated by the engine’s control system, the electric oil pump delivers a precise amount of oil to one or more predefined locations. Mechanical pumps cannot be optimized across the entire operating range of the engine, while the oil delivery map of the Synerject electric pump can be tailored to the engine requirements across the speed and load map. Synerject’s current offerings include oil pumps with one, four, seven, and nine oil ports.

We work hand-in-hand with our customers to define their needs and develop mutually beneficial solutions. We also have a Modules & Components Engineering Lab where we perform full validation testing of our products.