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In 1997 Synerject was created and chartered to provide gasoline engine management systems and components to the Marine, Motorcycle and Recreation industry manufacturers (OEMs) , primarily integrating the products and technologies designed and produced by its parent companies.

Since then, we have expanded into other non-automotive, small engine markets including Lawn and Garden and Industrial applications. Synerject has also developed its own capabilities to design and manufacture customer specific solutions. Today Synerject is a global company with production plants and regional offices in Asia, Europe and the United States, providing both onsite and regional support to its local and global customer.

Synerject's main expertise is in gasoline fuel injection system design, components manufacturing and system integration for applications in our target markets. Our unique portfolio covers both 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines, making Synerject the only supplier in the industry to have both capabilities. Through our parent companies, Synerject also has access to leading edge Continental Automotive systems and components, as well as Orbital's technologies, including its Air Assisted Direct Injection (ASDI) solution. Synerject keeps a constant pulse on future market needs and technology trends to insure that our product portfolio is in line with the needs of our customers. Our products play an integral part in the optimization of powertrain efficiency and emissions. Synerject has also developed capabilities in interfacing with and management of other control systems. Examples of this include electrical power management and transmission control systems, hybrid as well as electric vehicle control systems, and vehicle electronic architecture.

Please note: Synerject is not structured for direct sales of components to individual customers or aftermarket retailers. If you are not an OEM, then we recommend contacting your local equipment distributor's sales or service departments.

Synerject history

  • JV established to design and manufacture Fuel Rail Assemblies for the Orbital Combustion DI system on Motor Scooter and Marine & Rec
  • Company expanded to include Engine Management Systems for Port-Injected Two-Wheel vehicles
  • Relocated Newport News Operations to facility on Enterprise Drive
  • Established regional office on the Siemens VDO campus in Toulouse France.
  • Company expanded to include all of Siemens VDO EMS for non-automotive and EMS for Marine, Snowmobile, and ATV
  • Relocated Toulouse team to new Synerject facility
  • Company acquired low-volume high-end Electronics facility in Delavan Wisconsin USA
  • Established Production and Applications Center in China and Continental Corporation acquired Siemen VDO
  • Production launch M3A module in Changchun China
  • Continental increased ownership share to 70%
  • Established legal entity & applications Center in Taiwan
  • 1 million M3A produced and sold
  • Continental increased ownership share to 100%.

Awards & Certificates

  1. BRP Best Quality, Service & Cost for Snowmobile, Watercraft & AVT

  2. Mercury Marine Preferred Supplier

  3. Ducati Best Logistic Service
    BRP Outstanding performance in terms of Quality, Service & Cost

  4. BRP – PT, GmbH Best Quality, Delivery, Logistic & Cost

  5. Polaris Quality Achievement Award
    BRP Outstanding performance in terms of Quality, Service & Cost

  6. Ducati Quality & Service
    Polaris Cost reduction Suggestion 3-Star program

  7. Arctic Cat Outstanding performance in service
    Polaris Cost reduction Suggestion 3-Star program
    BRP – PT, GmbH Outstanding supply chain efficiency

  8. Woodward Bronze Supplier Recognition Award

  9. Ducati Quality and Service