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Air Injector

General description

The air injector or “direct” injector is an electromechanical valve used to deliver meteredquantities of fluid in the form of a defined and controlled spray plume. Originallydeveloped as part of the air-assisted direct injection system, the air injector is suitable foruse in various applications requiring delivery of a finely atomized fluid spray.

Synerject has continued to improve the performance of the air injector by developing anew “family” of air injectors called the Strata. The Strata family of air injectors isdesigned to minimize package size, while maximizing commonality and flexibility for useacross a wide range of applications.

Although the Strata design allows for the flexibility to change packaging for differentapplications, the manufacturing processes are consistent, allowing for multiple variationsof the Strata injector to be produced on the same automated production line.