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Heated Oxygen (O2) sensor

Product Benefits

  • A binary heated lambda sensor
  • Specifically developed for 2 wheelers environments
  • A hermetic structure which uses ICP method against water splash
  • Compact and small size
  • Tough elements against water droplets
Vibration resistance

General description

  • The 4 wire Oxygen Sensor is a heated hermetic binary lambda sensor.
The oxygen partial pressure of the air reference is constant and the oxygen partial pressure of exhaust gas varies as a function of the air/fuel ratio. As a result, the galvanic potential generated by the sensor is a function of the exhaust air/fuel ratio.
  • The self pumping reference oxygen (ICP method) prevents the air reference need and allows full water ingress protection.
  • The package is designed to support and protect the element, as well as provide the interface to the exhaust system in a small package (M12).
  • The oxygen sensor use an internal heating element to heat the sensor at low exhaust temperatures and maintains emissions stable and contributes to increase service life.
  • Type of application: Scooter, motorcycle, Snowmobile, Personal Water Craft, ATV, Marine, Lawn Mower, Electric Power Generator,