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System Application & Supports

Synerject's engineering team is set up to offer a wide range of engine management system integration and calibration services for motorcycles, scooters, auto rickshaws, boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, and utility applications. With our extensive experience in engine control systems, Synerject has developed component and system solutions for all these applications and is capable of supporting our customers in the use of these systems and components in their projects. From the selection of components to the final calibration and validation of the system, Synerject offers a complete range of support from technical assistance to turn key applications.

System Application & Supports

System Component Selection

Synerject offers a complete range of components and systems to address a comprehensive range of applications. Based on our experience with a wide variety of product platforms, we insure successful integration of our products on customer applications.

Thanks to our background in engines and application environment, Synerject engineers are able to support our customers in determining component characteristics that fit the application requirements. These characteristics include fuel injector spray and flow, throttle body diameter for optimal air mass flow, ECU inputs and outputs, and many more. Components could thus be chosen from the wide portfolio of available solutions within Synerject and Continental.

Software Integration

Synerject has more than 15 years of experience in the control of non-automotive engines and vehicles. The in-depth knowledge of this market has allowed us to develop customized software solutions which are capable of addressing the diversity and specificity of the non-automotive engines and vehicles : irregular firing, high engine speed, batteryless etc. Our software solutions are in line with the latest automotive standards and industrialization process, thus offering a high quality and reliable coding. We also develop our software using advanced technologies such as Auto Coding.

The built-in structure of our software allows easy adaptation to various applications and customer tools. The generic modules can be configured by Synerject engineers to address the exact needs of each application.

System Integration

Based on our experience with various vehicle types and engine management systems, Synerject is able to support our customers to ensure proper integration of our systems in all types of application:

  • For electrical integration, Synerject offers various electrical supply architectures to match the needs of different applications such as high end recreational motorcycles, snowmobiles, batteryless off-road motorcylces, basic scooters etc.
  • For mechanical integration Synerject proposes simple mechanical interfaces and provides assistance for the installation of components on engines and on vehicles (Examples : spray targeting for fuel injector, throttle body fastening, fuel hoses length, diameter and material, etc.)

An extensive set of documents are delivered to support system integration activities: drawings and specifications of all the components, installation recommendation, wiring harness schematic, etc.

Along with system integration support, Synerject ensures the corresponding integration tests:

  • ground insulation check, ECU pin-out and wiring harness conformity check, sensor signals check, etc.
  • fuel injector spray targeting verification, fuel pressure fluctuations check, engine phase verification, etc.