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For new customers who are performing their first conversion of carburetor to engine management system, Synerject accompanies these customers in their learning process by offering training sessions based on the needs and know-how of the customers. Our customers have the choice of either a-la-carte sessions or a complete list. The principle training topics are:

  • Basic EMS and Integration
    • Definition of EMS
    • Difference between EMS and carburetor based system
    • Review of each EMS components, their functions, principle of operation, installation recommendation, diagnosis.
    • Description of engine control system with basic parameters calculation (load, fuelling, ignition, engine speed), sensor and actuator management and specific control strategies (start, idle control, lambda close loop ... etc)

  • Training
  • Calibration Principles
    • Air path
    • Basic fuelling and ignition
    • Idle speed
    • Start
    • Transient
    • Emissions and drive-ability optimization
    • Diagnosis

  • After Sales Service Preparation
    • Trouble shooting
    • Production tests
    • After sales tools
    • Quality and return processes