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All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Side by Side Vehicle (SSV)

The ATV and now quickly growing SSV markets always demand more features to fit this type of all-terrain vehicles.Meanwhile, legislation will soon requires emission related components for features.
In addition to the specific requirements for the recreation segment, the products for ATV and SSV are designed against dust, mud and water intrusion.

  • For this market, Synerject's engine control unit offers the following characteristics :
  • Water tightness / IP67, IP 6k9k
  • Gear detection via switch and sensor
  • Differential and 4WD management.
  • Safety functions such as brake, run away,tilt,seat belt detection.
  • CAN communication protocol for diagnostic, reprogramming and tuning
  • Advanced functions are also available on the M3D drive-by-wire ECU: Learner's mode, traction control, filtered driver request on rough track conditions.
Synerject offers the expertise and flexibility to:
  • Develop more advanced features for tomorrow's market requirements
  • Support full system integration and tuning at customer
  • Perform turn-key applications from first prototypes  to mass production