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Single Cylinder Mechanical Throttle Body

Product Benefits

  • Suitable for off-road & on-road applications
  • Compact and integrated design leads to simplified  and reduce integration works
  • Highly flexible. Suitable for a wide range of applications:
    • Bore size from 36mm to 50mm
    • Quadrant geometry may vary according to application
    • 3 types of cable interface possible
      • Single cable for on road scooter
      • Double cable for motorcycle
      • Single cable for off road with quadrant protection
  • Option to integrate fuel injector

General description

  • The Integrated Throttle Body is a mechanical module consisting of the integration of the throttle body (TB), the throttle position sensor (TPS), the air bypass valve actuator, and optionally a temperature and manifold absolute pressure (TMAP) sensor, and/or a gasoline injector.
  • It is dedicated to non-automotive, for on-road and off-road applications.
  • The TB is made of cast aluminum. There are two different castings, the first to cover the range of throttle bore size comprised between 36 and 42 mm, and the second for the bores ranging between 44 to 50 mm.
  • The Throttle Body for ATV has been designed for application with assembling possibilities  from horizontal to vertical bore axe, with an horizontal blade shaft.
  • The TB idle air flow is adjustable with a "tamper proof" adjusting screw.  The WOT setting is a hard stop.
  • The throttle body includes the possibility to connect a canister purge with a 4mm hose.
  • TB design has provisions for quadrant and bracket changes that allow for seven basic pull directions with respect to the quadrant shaft axis
This throttle body is suitable for 4 stroke, one throttle air intake engines, medium to high displacement motorcycles, all terrain vehicle (ATV) , snow mobile and lawn mower

Configurations & Options

  • This product has to be marinized for Marine and Personal Watercraft application.