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1 - ETC 8

Single Cylinder Electronic Throttle Body

Product Benefits

  • Off-the-shelf Continental Automotive component and technology
  • Additional functions can be supported by the ETC incombination with the ECU independent from accelerator grip or pedal set value:
    • Idle speed control
    • Cruise control
    • Anti-slip control
    • Throttle dashpot function
    • Support of the robotized transmission or electronic CVT
    • Electronic stability control (ESP)

  • Improvements in exhaust emission, fuel consumption and driving comfort can be reached by separation of intake air throttling and accelerator pedal position
  • Increased product life and improved sensor reliability due to contactless redundant MR-sensor

General description

  • This drive by wire electronic throttle body actuator is a component of an engine management system. It is designed to perform the load control on gasoline combustion engine from 500  to 1000cc. The throttle bore diameter: 44mm & 52mm.
  • The ETC-8 consists of the following sub-assembles: Aluminum housing, Throttle plate, 2-step gear train/return springs, limp home spring, M34 DC-Motor, Sensor cover including redundant MR-position sensors, and 6-pole connector
  • The air flow to the engine is controlled by the position of the throttle plate inside the bore with a cylindrical inner contour. The motor to move the throttle plate is integrated into the ETC-8 actuator. The DC Motor positions the throttle plate from idle speed position up to WOT position via the 2-step gear (not lubricated).  The return spring system is integrated in the ETC-8 that returns the throttle plate from all positions to the limp home position if the actuator is switched off.  The feedback of the throttle plate position (=drive position) to the ECU is achieved via two independent signals of the integrated throttle position sensor (redundant MR-position sensor).
  • Applications:  Single or multi-cylinder motorcycle, all terrain vehicle (ATV),  snow mobile,  personal watercraft, Marine.

Configurations & Options

  • This product has to be marinized for Marine and Personal Watercraft application.