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Customised Fuel Delivery Module

Product Benefits

  • Metal and plastic flanges
  • Electrically conductive plastics
  • Fuel level sending units and low level switches
  • Return and Returnless configurations
  • Remote jet pumps to pull fuel from hard-to-reach areas of the tank or for saddle tanks
  • Fuel line and electrical connections per customer needs or standards

General description

Synerject has the capability to design, develop, validate, and manufacture fuel pump modules to meet our customers’ non-automotive product needs. We integrate proven high quality, low cost automotive components into effective product solutions for our customers.

We can provide an assembly as simple as a “pump-on-a-stick” to a more elaborate module complete with a sub-reservoir, remote jet pump, pressure regulator, fuel filter, and fuel level sender.

We work hand-in-hand with our customers to define their needs and develop their solutions. We also have a Modules & Components Engineering Lab where we perform full validation testing of our products.