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Engine Control Unit (ECU) single cylinder and Twin cylinder

Product Benefits

  • Optimized performance/price ratio
  • Suitable for single or twin cylinder applications up to > 1000cc
  • Enhanced engine & vehicle functions integrated in a small size design
  • Extended I/O possibilities for improved functionalities including knock sensors inputs
  • Robust mechanics with aluminum casing
  • Water proof automotive standard connector with snap-in and ‘clic’ feature
  • CAN interface for diagnostic, reprogramming & vehicle functions interface

General description

  • M3C is an engine control unit designed for 2 & 4 strokes single and twin cylinder engine applications. The electronics design and enhance functionalities (hardware and software) make it suitable for use on ATV, high-end scooter, medium-end motorcycle and snowmobile. It is designed to drive single or twin core mechanical throttle body. It can be easily adapted to all up coming emission regulations in Europe and in North America.
  • Applications: Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile.

Configurations & Options

  • This product has to be marinized for Marine and Personal   Watercraft application