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Engine Control Unit (ECU) up to 4 cylinders and Drive By Wire

Product Benefits

  • Optimized performance/price ratio
  • Suitable up to 4 cylinders applications
  • Modular and scalable system approach to cover various engine and vehicle configurations
  • Designed to meet future legislation requirements including EURO V and EOB(EOBD)
  • Capable to drive mechanical or electrical throttle body (2 PCBs)
  • Water proof automotive standard connector with snap-in and ‘clic’ feature (double lock & ZIF)
  • CAN interface for diagnostic, reprogramming & vehicle functions interface

General description

  • M3D is an engine control unit designed for 4 strokes up to 4 cylinders engine applications. The electronics design and enhance functionalities (hardware and software) make it suitable for use on ATV, high-end scooter, medium-end motorcycle and snowmobile.
  • Applications: Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile, Personal Water Craft, Marine

Configurations & Options

  • This product has to be marinized for Marine and Personal Watercraft application.