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Micra Flow Thru Fuel pressure regulator

Product Benefits

  • Low cost design with retainer clip feature
  • Compact design for packaging flexibility
  • E85 compatible

General description

  • MFTR is designed to be a low cost, low priced, low mass, and low profile flow thru regulator intended for use in fuel tanks, installed in pump modules. MFTR can also be used in Filter/ Regulator modules. MFTR is not intended to be used in Fuel Rail Applications.
  • MFTR is designed with stainless steel and ceramic components to be used with gasoline fuels, as well as with flex fuels such as E85. MFTR is also designed to be corrosion resistant .There is no rubber diaphragm in MFTR.
  • An optional plastic cover with integrated clips serves as protection during shipment, installation and handling. It allows for quick assembly into the regulator cavity. It also diverts flow from the regulator outlet to fill the module reservoir in pump modules, and provide laminar flow to reduce noise.
  • Type of application: Moped, Scooter, motorcycle, Snowmobile, Personal Water Craft, Auto Rickshaw, ATV, Marine, Lawn Mower, Electric Power Generator,

Configurations & Options

  • Calibration Pressure from 200  to 800 kPa
  • Plastic retainer with clips
  • Pocket Assembly