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Active Camshaft Sensor

General description

  • The new Continental active camshaft sensor generation ACAM III consists of high accuracy hall effect sensors with True Power-On fnctionality (TPO). These sensors will perform optimally the ferromagnetic target wheels.
  • The ACAM III sensor-cell incorporates an IC with an integrated Hall-plate and signal conditionning circuitry. Thanks to the employed monocell Hall technology, the sensor is insentive to inverse mounting (twist-independent mounting).
  • The integrated signal-conditioning performs dynamic self-calibration in order to optimise sensor performances.
  • The sensor output is of the open-collector type, and is typically connected to a 1.2k ohm pull up resistor and a 1nF pull-down capacitor. Thanks to integrated capacitors, the sensor is robuts to Electromagnetic Interference, without requiring external components.