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Air assisted Stratified DI

System Benefits

  • Excellent mixture preparation
  • Good combustion stability
  • Reduced wall-wetting
  • Reduced charge losses
  • Very low emissions
  • A typical 15% improvement in fuel economy

General description

This system is based on the Orbital Combustion Process and is applied to 2 stroke engines for emission and fuel economy benefits. In collaboration with its parent companies, Synerject designed the specific components needed for such system dedicated to outboard engines from small single cylinder engines up to huge V6 engines   
  • 32 bit PCM
  • Synerject custom fuel rail
  • Continental Deka injectors
  • Synerject E9 Strata air injector
  • Synerject Oil pump 
  • Synerject Euro air and fuel regulator

Configurations & Options

  • Fuel is injected directly into the cylinder in such a way that there is minimal un-burnt fuel (HC) released into the exhaust system
  • The direct injector is controlled by the Powertrain Control Module. and propels the metered fuel into the combustion chamber by an air blast action
  • The compressed air is used to finely atomise and vapourise the fuel to create a stable, easily ignited air/fuel spray.