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High Flow Fuel Pump

Product Benefits

  • Ø38mm body
  • Automotive based product
  • Ø Flow / Current draw optimized for the Recreational product market

General description

  • The Ø38mm pump family consists of single stage electric turbine fuel pumps designed to be used for internal combustion engines with fuel-injection systems. The pump’s function is to deliver fuel at a specific pressure and flow when it is switched on by the fuel-injection system ECU.
  • Each fuel pump consists of a hydrodynamic pump stage with degassing opening, a fuel flowed motor without radio interference suppression, and a connecting piece with fuel and electrical connections, an integrated check valve and a pressure relief valve.
  • These fuel pumps are suitable for in-tank use only.
  • Types of applications:  Motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV/UTVs, and large scooters.