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M3D 1 to 4 cyl Drive by Wire

System Benefits

  • Specifically adapted to non automotive specificities:
    • 1, L2/ V2, 3, L4/V4 cylinders capable
    • High engine speed up to 16000rpm
    • 2 injectors per cylinder
    • Variable intake manifold & VVT
    • Cam sensor less engine synchronization
  • Drive by Wire by Synerject:
    • Based on Automotive Standard including safety
    • Adapted to the high dynamic of torque demand and delivery, specific to motorcycle
    • Simplified for enhanced calibration effectiveness
    • Customized for safety (fail safe mode, limp home)
  • Main features:
    • Based on full torque structure (internal and external torque demand, torque coordination, torque realisation, torque monitoring)
    • Use of an electronic throttle body that allows the control system to have the full authority on control of the mass air flow
    • Capable of driving either an automotive single electronic throttle body or specific multi cylinders customized master-slave concept throttle bodies. 
    • Many calibrations are model based and realized thanks to analysis of engine characterization data done on engine dyno
  • Compatible with automotive standard calibration tool
  • Ready to be used and best value

General description

  • The M3D System specificity is its capability to drive electronic throttle bodies in order to offer engine management system with ride-by-wire technology. However, the M3D multi-cylinders Engine Control Unit can be used in combination with classic mechanical throttle bodies and the corresponding software design.
  • The electronic throttle bodies for M3D system could be selected directly from the automotive electronic throttle body portfolio or could be customized to specific engine architecture. The other sensors & actuators are the standard automotive components which are already in-use by other Synerject’s engine management systems.
  • The M3D ECU and its software have been designed to address mainly the recreational segment applications from 1 to 4 cylinders engines.
  • The M3D software is totally based on full torque structure and the its safety concept is complying to automotive safety requirements in addition to specific motorcycle safety concept developed in cooperation with OEMs.