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This demanding market is rapidly embracing EFI in order to meet many challenging requirements, including lower emissions and higher fuel efficiency.

Synerject's expertise in EMS solutions, modules and components allows us to offer the following significant benefits:

  • Performance improvements:
    • Emissions
    • Fuel Efficiency
    • Improved Speed Droop / Frequency Control (E-Governor)
    • Load response and control
  • Full Application Support
  • Cost-Optimized Solutions
  • Minimum total project life time cost
  • Optimized application packaging including fully integrated modules (e.g. throttle body, ECU, TPS, Injector, TMAP, ABV, ETC … etc)
Key Product families that Synerject supplies to this market:
  • Engine Management Systems: Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
  • Fuel Rails
  • Fuel Delivery Modules
  • Sensors