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Deka VII

Fuel injector

Product Benefits

  • Low pulse width with high linear performance and low voltage sensitivity
  • Finely atomized fuel sprays
  • High Spray Stability
  • Flexible spray patterns
  • Small cone angles for precision targeting
  • Individual liquid jets are well defined
  • Small size, ease of mounting & application friendly
  • Different choices according to the dimensions (of main body and intake manifold pocket)

General description

The Deka VII injector is the latest Continental top feed gasoline injector designed for improved performance as well as reliability. That injector is the best candidate for integration of the ASQUARED Atomization option. The injector offers all the options available addressing packaging, electrical, spray targeting and atomization. Fuel spray patterns and calibrations are designed to meet application needs.  
  • Type of application: Moped, Scooter, motorcycle, Snowmobile, Personal Water Craft, Auto Rickshaw, ATV, Marine, Lawn Mower, Electric Power Generator,