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Customized ECUs

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Product Benefits

General description

Synerject is able to design and manufacture any kind of ECU used to control powertrain system.

We have full access to automotive electronic  bricks developped  and qualified by Continental. If requested by the customer, we can also make use of all other electronic components available in the market.

Two manufacturing strategies are adopted by Synerject:
  • manufacturing within our facility in Delavan where all customised products can be produced
  • manufacturing within Continental plant (worldwide) for ECUs using Continental components library

The products we manufacture ranges from small, simple and low cost ECUs (for fork lift CNG applications for example), up to  large, complex and versatile ECUs used on large V6 outboard engine.

Current ECU diversities: 24 to 144 pins, plastic or aluminium housing, automotive connector.

ECU features: analog inputs, K/LIN/ multiple CAN lines, multiple H Bridge, proportional O2 sensor interface,  high current IGBT, high current output driver, knock interface, etc.
All ECU can withstand  non automotive, land applications and marine applications environments.

ECUs are tested and qualified according to automotive standards or other specific requirements from customers when needed.